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Turbine Services

Indy Jet Services is proud to offer some limited Jet maintenance service. We currently have three former Cessna Citation Service Center employees, from the former Toledo Citation Service Center. Rick Rado is a former Lead Technician in Toledo, with 29 yrs of aviation experience, and 14 yrs as a Lead Tech, at the Toledo facility. Rick Lederman is a former Inspector at the Toledo Service Center. Rick also worked several years at National Flight Services, as a Floor Supervisor/Lead Tech. As a Level 2 NDT inspector, Rick  has a very specialized background in all areas of Jet and Turbine aircraft. Jamie Chilcote recently joined our team from the former Toledo Service Center where he spent 16 yrs in service. Jamie became a Lead Technician for the Toledo Jet Center, after Cessna moved in 2009. With a combined over 65 yrs of experience between the three technicians, Indy Jet Services is poised to handle just about anything that comes their way. Please call us if you need assistance!


Piston Aircraft Service Center

Indy Jet is proud to offer priority maintenance support to piston aircraft owner/operators throughout the Midwest. Our Piston Aircraft Service Center operates alongside our FAA Certified Avionics Repair Station offering you a multitude of services and bringing you the CONVENIENCE of one-stop maintenance. Our aircraft inspectors are trained and experienced in excellence to service a wide range of both single and twin engine aircraft giving you the CONFIDENCE to go anywhere. You are our priority and we will provide you with top quality workmanship which will always be married with CHARACTER and honesty.



  • 100HR/Annual Inspection
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • AD and Service Bulletin Research
  • Routine Servicing/Lubrication
  • Oxygen Service
  • Nitrogen Servicing
  • Landing Gear Rigging
  • Engine Troubleshooting
  • Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Systems Troubleshooting
  • Garmin 1000 System Upgrade, Testing & Repair
  • Structural Repairs
  • STC Installations
  • Heater Decay Testing
  • AMSAFE Airbag Restraint System Testing
  • Alcor EGT and CHT Calibration
  • Control Surface Balancing and Rigging
  • Wheel and Tire Balancing
  • Dye Penetrate Inspections
  • Technical Support
  • Product Support


Our Piston Aircraft Service Center specializes in quick economical Annual/100 hour Inspections. The Annual/100 hour inspection flat rate charges include the following inspection and service labor:

  • Engine pre-inspection run-up
  • Engine compression test
  • Opening of interior and exterior inspection panels
  • Air filter element replacement
  • Oil change and oil filter inspection
  • Spark plug cleaning and testing
  • Fuel injector cleaning and inspection
  • Fuel strainer cleaning and inspection
  • Engine wash
  • Complete airframe and engine inspection
  • Aircraft battery service and charge
  • Landing gear retraction/rig check
  • General aircraft lubrication
  • Servicing of hydraulic reservoir
  • Closing of interior and exterior inspection panels
  • Engine post-inspection run-up
  • AD Research
  • Documentation of completed inspection including required logbook entries


Director of Maintenance

Rick Rado
3867 North Aviation Way
Greenfield, IN 46140
(317) 348-7898

Discrepancies noted after the inspection phase would be made known to the aircraft owner(s) immediately. We will perform no work without your approval. All maintenance and inspections are strictly adhered to under the provisions set forth by FAR Part 43, Appendix D, or manufacturer’s guidelines.

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